WiFi On Aircrafts - Aviation Experts Warn About Dangers

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WiFi On Aircrafts - Aviation Experts Warn About Dangers

WiFi on aircrafts has been a concern of mine for some time, knowing that any wireless transmitter such as Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and Smart phones, as well as Wi-Fi access points operating on the inside of an aircraft, will cause an exponential increase in RF radiation exposure.  Radiation effects are also magnified with altitude, so exposure levels can in some instances even exceed official exposure levels. At the actual levels of 25,000 nW/cm!, which are expected to occur on board commercial airplanes equipped with WiFi, 100% of animals tested developed serious brain damage. (Hans Scheiner, MD, Environmental Medicine Expert)

Now there is growing evidence that this exposure can present both health, and inflight safety dangers. Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) sufferes may faint, feel dizzy, or their vision might be impaired. People may also experience nausea, lack of concentration, muscle weakness and skin reactions. But it's not just those with EHS that are affected, as research indicates potential cognitive impairment and cardiac symptoms.  There have been reported cases of pilots fainting while in flight, on aircraft with wi-fi installations. The concern is not just for the pilots, it's also for the cabin crew, as if they are incapacitated that is also a potential problem, especially during any kind of emergency situation.

A Captain for a Canadian commercial air carrier writes, “Having read a lot of research on this topic, and hearing first-hand how other airline employees are reacting to wi-fi, in hotel rooms and elsewhere, I am certain that this form of radiation is having a negative health effect on many of us. The number of airline employees this year, including pilots and flight attendants, who report having difficulty with WiFi seems to be growing. Evidently, there are some pilots off sick with mysterious Parkinson-like symptoms. I can experience ill effects including nausea, shortness of breath, overall body weakness, and when in a sustained WiFi environment, I have difficulty focusing, and have skin reactions. I get these symptoms in hotels, the terminal, my flight planning area and also from cell phones brought onboard the aircraft. I do not experience these symptoms when away from this exposure. I will be unable to continue flying if wi-fi is installed on my aircraft. Safety of the aircraft and the health of those onboard, not entertainment, should be the priority. Further study certainly needs to be done!” 

I am a First Officer for a US air carrier. When I fly the WiFi-equipped A321 my joints hurt with inflammation and arthritic-like pain. It typically takes about 24 hours for the pain to subside. Other symptoms can include severe headaches, shortness of breath, sleep problems. I do not get the same symptoms flying the non-WiFi aircraft even though they are in the same family. Airport terminals are now another challenge. If I have to spend any excessive time in them I get the same reactions as I do from the WiFi equipped aircraft. Hotel overnights – all in WiFi rooms – are another problem for me now. When I sleep in a non-WiFi room, I sleep much better.”

Dr Todd Curtis is a licensed pilot and Founder of AirSafe.com, with a a PhD in Aviation Risk Assessment. He was a flight test engineer in US Air Force I, and involved in numerous plane crash investigations. His thoughts are' although the risk of radio frequency radiation from wi-fi and other electrical systems hasn’t been looked at as a health and safety risk by the aviation community, the fact that some quarters of the medical and scientific communities have shown that this may be a risk is a concern to me.'

There is a 30 page document by an international group of experts in aviation, medicine, science and engineering. Aviation Health & Safety in the Digital Age Radio-frequency (RF) Exposure from Mobile Devices and In flight WiFi : A New Human Factor? It's worth a read. Click HERE.

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