What is EMF / EMR ?

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What is EMF / EMR ?

EMF or EMF's is an abbreviation of Electro Magnetic Fields or Electro Magnetic Frequencies.
EMR is an abbreviation of Electro Magnetic Radiation.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum encompasses a wide variety of frequencies, both natural and man-made. We are exposed to many of these frequencies on a daily basis.

Some frequencies, like the Earth’s natural magnetic field, the natural Schumann Resonance, visible light and sunshine are essential to human health e.g. we use visible light for the melatonin cycle and UV radiation for Vitamin D synthesis. Also, each of the trillions of cells making up the human body use electromagnetic energy for communication (heart beat, nerve signals, brain waves).

Other frequencies, such as those from telecommunications (e.g. mobile phones, mobile phone towers, WiFi), household appliances and building wiring pose a whole host of health risks and have been shown to cause harmful biological effects for not only humans, but all living organisms on our planet.

The difference between low frequency and high frequency EMR is that low frequencies have a longer wave form or length than high frequencies. Both low and high frequency EMR can have detrimental biological effects. This diagram illustrates various sources of EMR from low frequencies on the left to high frequencies on the right.

Sources of EMR

Low Frequency EMF / EMR (AC Electrical Fields and AC Magnetic Fields from 50Hz electricity) - This EMR comes from power lines, sub stations, household or industrial wiring, lighting, building power meter boxes, and all electrical equipment and appliances.

AC Magnetic Fields are measured with a Gauss Meter.
AC Electrical Fields – these are more tricky to measure, so instead of measuring them directly with electrical field meters, many building biologists measure them indirectly by measuring AC body voltage with a Multimeter.

High Frequency EMF / EMR (Radio/Microwave Frequencies - typically 10MHz to 8GHz) - This EMR comes from mobile phones, mobile phone antennas and towers, tablets, cordless phones and their base stations, all wireless internet, including Wi-Fi, WIMAX and all Wi-Fi routers and devices, Bluetooth devices, smart meters, microwave ovens, GPS devices, solar inverters, baby monitors, ultrasound and other diagnostic imaging and screening, TV, radio and other communications antennas and towers, radar, and many new “smart” or “Wi-Fi enabled” devices coming on to the market all the time.

Radio/Microwave Frequencies are measured with a Radio Frequency (RF) Meter.

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