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"We Bought an Earthing Sheet For My Mother Who Suffers From Chronic Rheumatoid & Osteo Arthritis ..."

We bought an Earthing sheet for my mother who has suffered and is suffering from chronic rheumatoid and osteo arthritis. Her morning routine was to take a handful of painkillers while still in bed so the pain would ease enough to allow her to struggle to the toilet. My mother will be 80 this year and like most of her generation is highly sceptical but is willing to try anything that might give her relief. Mum rang me after trying the sheet for the first time all excited saying she was able to get to the toilet without having to take painkillers! Her personal experience was instant improvement with a gradual increase in further improvement over the next week. She has been continuously using it now for a couple of months and has had one arthritis flare where she had to take prednisone for 3 days but has not had to take the constant painkillers. Mum is ecstatic that she has been able to cut down on some of her medication and so is her doctor!!!

Sue Martin, Wingham, NSW, Australia

"Thank You Earthing Oz! ..."

I have very complex chronic health conditions. These conditions effect my heart, brain, joints, muscles - pretty much my whole body. I purchased some Earthing products after watching YouTube videos about Earthing and since using them my sleep has improved significantly. A combination of herbal medicines, Earthing and reducing EMF exposure has made a huge difference on my chronic fatigue syndrome. I used to sleep at least 16 hours a day and now it has been reduced to 12. My daughter has also been getting a much more restful sleep, without waking, since sleeping on the Earthing sheet. It's amazing what putting the body in the right environment will do :-) Thank you Earthing Oz! I'm getting my whole family onto Earthing now too.

Alana Brown, ACT, Australia

"My friends & I love being Earthed! ... So does my pet dog & parrot. Thank you..."

I love being Earthed! I have been sleeping on an Earthing sheet for 4 years now. I noticed at my birthday party, surrounded by my dearest friends 90% of them also sleep Earthed ... Great energy in the room. To my story, I have a greyhound rescue dog who has his own half sheet (spoilt) who now springs out of bed in the morning after years of waking up stiff from major calcification due to track injuries. I also have an Eclectus parrot (female) who has laid 2 eggs this year, one month after I Earthed her sleeping perch ... she's a different bird! She only seems to sleep on the Earthed one, even when I try to trick her by moving the perch around. There is a definite transformation in both my friends and pets. Thank you Clint Ober for going through hell and back for us. I would have tried if you didn't.

Samantha Burston, Sydney, Australia

"I am now consistently connected to our Earth Mother and it has been an awesome breakthrough for my health, well being and for living our Aboriginal culture"

Our original lore of The Dreaming came directly to us from the Male forms of The Great Spirit. These Great Ancestral beings gave us the Law of the Land. This was to watch and listen to the female forms of the Great Spirit we know as Earth Mother and live according to what she tells us to do. To look after her because she looks after us. We were taught that she is extraordinarily powerful. That she gives us many gifts and the most important and powerful of these gifts is healing. This healing however will only work if we are physically connected to her Earth with our skin. That is why we wore no shoes and slept on the ground. Sleeping being the most powerful time for healing.

So when I came across some products that could connect me physically to the Earth and heal me while I sleep and while on the computer I purchased them immediately. I am now consistently connected to our Earth Mother and it has been an awesome breakthrough for my health, well being and for living our culture. It has given me: a much longer, deeper sleep (no waking for over 6 hours); much more vivid, lucid and memorable dreams; much less and quieter snoring; more energy during the day; thinner more oxygenated blood, and; healed a sprained ankle overnight.

Based on my own personnel experience I highly recommend this product. I believe it is an essential item for reconnection to the healing benefits of our Earth Mother.

If you wish to experience a tour of our ancient wisdom and cultural sites please see my website -    www.BlueMountainsWalkabout.com

Evan Yanna Muru, Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout, Australia

"Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the earthing sheets I ordered 4 months ago..."

Hi. Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love the Earthing Sheets I ordered four months ago. I heard about Earthing after reading the book Energy Medicine Technologies. I'm a person who tests and experiments any type of natural therapy. I must say the Earthing Sheet is one of the best I have come across. 

My partner who has severe back pain caused by an auto-immune disease now wakes up with 80% less pain. This was a person who took a few minutes just to roll out of bed, now she jumps out. It didn't happen over night, it took six weeks. I had plantar fasciitis for two years and after one month of using the Earthing Sheet it was gone. I recover faster from training. 

I bought Earthing Sheets for my kids and they are so much more happy in the morning, and have less melt downs. 

Value for dollar, ease of use, this is the best value natural healing on the market. Thank you.

Mark Knight, Australia