Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Back?

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Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Back?

It's not only our exposure to EMR that's of concern when using a mobile phone, but it's also reported to be playing havoc with our neck and spines.

According to a study by spinal and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Hansraj, overuse of a smartphone can increase the pressure on our spine by five times the normal amount. He says that can lead to irreversible damage.

It's called 'text neck' and it's the posture we adopt as we stare at our phones. It increases the stress on our neck by dropping our chin to chest for extended periods of time.

This can cause head pain, neck pain, arm pain and numbness because a normal standing position is facing forward with all the curves of your neck and spine in correct alignment. Mobile users also tend to hunch their shoulders forward and round them which strains the entire upper body and effects posture.

This article by Cervifit gives Dr. Ken Hansraj's top tips for avoiding neck pain when using your smartphone, especially important for teenagers who spend so much time on these devices.