Earthing Sleep Systems

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Earthing Sleep Systems - Bed Pads, Fitted Sheets and Recovery Bag

Why sleep grounded?

We spend approximately 8 hours a night asleep in bed which makes this a perfect opportunity to be continually Earthed. Whilst sleeping the body de-stresses, detoxifies, heals and regenerates itself. If we sleep poorly this healing process is interrupted leaving us susceptible to a whole host of health disorders.

Stress and insomnia can often be improved or even reversed while sleeping grounded, so much so that some people report that they have stopped using artificial sleeping aids after a period of time. People who snore have also reported a reduction and at times a complete cessation of snoring much to their partners delight !

Sleeping Earthed is also the perfect way to reduce inflammation throughout the whole body.

Which is the best Earthing Sleep System for me and what is included?

We carry several sleep systems that cater for different budgets and needs.

All Earthing Sleep Systems are made from 100% cotton which has a conductive grid of silver thread woven through it. Also included is a 3.6 metre product lead, an Australian adaptor plug with built in splitter, a free copy of the book Earthing and an Australian instruction brochure.

The Bed Pad is a popular entry level half-sheet Earthing sleep system. Many people begin with the Bed Pad before graduating to fitted sheets or a Recovery Bag if so desired. The Bed pad is made to fit all sized beds from cots to King Sized.

The Bed Pad is usually placed at the foot of the bed, horizontally across the bed end, on top of your regular bottom sheet and tucked around and under the mattress. This means that your legs and feet will be in contact with the bed pad while you sleep. Configured this way both people sleeping in a double, queen or king sized bed will be Earthed with one Bed Pad. The Bed Pad can also be placed across the centre of the bed or lengthwise as well for whole body contact for one person.

Placing any part of your body on the sheet grounds you during sleep.

Watch the demonstration video below on Earthing Bed Pad.

The Bed Pad

Fitted Earthing Sheets are available in five sizes: single, king single, double, queen and king. They fit on to your bed like a regular fitted sheet bottom sheet and ensure that you (and your partner) are grounded from head to toe.

Fitted Earthing Sheets

The Recovery Bag is a conductive cotton sleeping bag that completely zips up. It was originally designed for Tour de France cyclists who participate in what is very possibly the most gruelling sports event on the planet. Because the Recovery Bag completely cocoons you it offers maximum grounding and is the "Rolls Royce" of all Earthing Sleep Systems. Sleeping in a Recovery Bag the effect and benefit of Earthing is accelerated and accentuated which makes it ideal for athletes or anyone who who is looking to recover in the shortest timeframe. It is also perfect for travellers.

Watch the demonstration video below on the Earthing Recovery Bag.

Recovery Bag

How Do I Ground an Earthing Sleep System?

The sheet connects to the Earth via a grounding cord and Australian adaptor plug which is included. One end of the cord snaps onto the sheet and then the prong end of the cord connects into the adaptor plug which then plugs into a power point or power board. It makes no difference whether the power is turned on or off as the Earth is always connected. Alternatively you can purchase a grounding rod with an extension lead and Earth your mat directly into the ground outside via a window or door.

Does my bare skin need to be touching the Earthing sheet to work properly?

While it is not essential to have bare skin against the sheet it is preferable. Why? You will still be Earthed if there is a layer of clothing between you and the sheet, however, the effectiveness will vary depending on factors such as the thickness of the clothes and perspiration which acts as a conductor. For maximum grounding bare skin usually works best.

How Do I Wash and Care For an Earthing Bed Pad, Sheet or Recovery Bag?

Earthing sheets are made from natural cotton and silver thread. Please follow these instructions for the best possible Earthing experience and to maintain the integrity and increase longevity of the silver thread in your sheet. We recommend you wash your sheet weekly, or an absolute minimum, twice per month with warm water and liquid detergent. Washing in warm water strips off any body sweat, natural oils, wastes and a variety of organic compounds excreted through your skin that can build up and create a film on the silver thread that impairs conductivity. Earthing sheets can be washed in a washing machine with regular liquid detergent as long as the detergent doesn't contain chlorine or other chemical bleaches, including oxy-bleaches or oxy-whiteners. We can guarantee this detergent will be safe to wash your sheets in (Click Here). Note - Never use bleach! Bleach instantly destroys the conductivity of the silver thread. Do not use chlorine, oxy or any other bleach, whiteners, fabric softeners or conditioners as these will corrode the silver thread and compromise conductivity. If you want to, it's fine to rinse with vinegar. If you need to, use a hydrogen peroxide based non-bleach to remove stains. We suggest if you want to remove a stain spot treat it with hydrogen peroxide. Simply apply the hydrogen peroxide to the spot by pouring or spraying it on. Allow it to soak in, dab with a clean towel and wash afterwards. Always disconnect the sheet's lead before washing.
Earthing Sheets can be dried in the sun on a line or in a dryer on the lowest setting. If you want to iron your sheet, use a low heat setting.
Do not dry clean your Earthing sheet.
Also, do not apply body creams, oils or lotions before bedtime to any area of your skin or face. Such substances can create a film on and degrade the silver fibres in the sheet and will void warranty.
For more information on How to Optimise the Lifespan of Your Earthing Sheet, CLICK HERE.

In case of lightening:

Although it is highly unlikely that you will be hit by lightning, it is recommended to follow standard lightning safety guidelines as directed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and disconnect your Earthing devices (along with electrical devices) during lightning and thunderstorms.

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You are not in any sense being electrocuted. Earthing is among the most natural and safest things you can do.

What happens?

Your body becomes suffused with negative-charged free electrons abundantly present on the surface of the Earth. Your body immediately equalises to the same electrical potential as the Earth as nature intended.

What will you feel?

Sometimes a warm, tingling sensation and often feelings of ease and well-being.

Will I feel better?

Usually yes and often rapidly. The degree of improvement varies from person to person. The important thing is to make Earthing a long-term addition to your daily routine and do it as much as possible so as to gain maximum benefits. When Earthing is stopped, symptoms tend to slowly return.

How can Earthing benefit you?

  • Reduce inflammation and remove or improve the symptoms of inflammatory disorders
  • Eliminate or reduce chronic pain
  • Improve sleep in many cases
  • Increase energy levels
  • Lower stress levels by calming down the nervous system
  • Normalise the body's biological rhythms
  • Improve blood pressure by thinning the blood
  • Relieve headaches and muscle tension
  • Improve recovery and repair from intense athletic activities
  • Relive the symptoms of premenstrual tension
  • Accelerate healing
  • Prevent bed sores
  • Stops or reduces jetlag
  • Protection against potentially harmful EMF's (Electromagnetic frequencies)


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