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Residents Fear Quiet Zone Protected from Electromagnetic Radiation under Threat

- 2015/3/16

Residents Fear Remote West Virginia 'Quiet Zone' Protected from Electromagnetic Radiation under Threat
Lateline News (Mar 12, 2015)

A group of people in the United States who believe that electromagnetic radiation from modern gadgets is making them sick fear their protected sanctuary may be under threat.

They call themselves 'electrosensitives' and live in the town of Green Bank in a remote part of West Virginia to avoid exposure to frequencies emitted by devices such as mobile phones and computer modems. The area is the epicentre of the only legislated 'quiet zone' in the US and may well be the last inhabited place in the US without a mobile phone tower.

Married couple Diane and Bert Schou — both PhD scientists in industrial technology and biology — moved to Green Bank in 2002 after Diane got sick and experienced severe headaches. The couple were convinced Diane's illness was caused by radio frequencies. They collected years worth of data, carrying a spectrum analyser around, and connected her symptoms with spikes in electrical radiation. Bert tracked down what they believed was the cause of her pain — a mobile phone tower near their home in Iowa. "We were faced right away with, what do you do? Our doctor said, move. That was a first step. But where to?" Bert told ABC's Lateline.

After years of searching, they found the answer in Green Bank and refitted a house for Diane to move into... Click on this link to read the entire article

Green Bank, West Virginia

- The remote area of Green Bank in West Virginia is the United States' only legislated quiet zone -