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Princeton University Removes WiFi Safety Assurances

- 2015/3/16

Congratulations to Princeton University!
Posted on Parents for Safe Technology

Princeton University used to say that WiFi "does not present a hazard." That has changed. In 2014, Princeton University removed WiFi safety assurances from their “Radiation Safety” website after parents raised concerns.

"Is White Space Super Wifi Dangerous?" via Dr. Magda Havas

The Timeline:
- February 2013:Concerned Parents saw that  Princeton University had a webpage detailing their "New Wireless Safety Study". This “New Study” was from 2007.  Parents saw that it was outdated, containing old research and inaccurate.

- February 2014: A Parent wrote a letter to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Princeton University asking that Princeton take down the outdated and inaccurate information. The letter was substantive and provided strong scientific evidence.

- February to June 2014: More Parents, including founders of the National Association For Children and Safe Technology continued to write letters to Princeton University.

- August 2014: Princeton took down the site by August 2014.

Thank you Princeton University!