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Canada: Parents to Debate WiFi Restrictions in Alberta Schools

- 2015/3/25

Edmonton Journal (March 15, 2015)

Parents to debate Wi-Fi restrictions in Alberta schools

Edmonton - Parents from across Alberta will decide next month if they feel schools should put new restrictions on wireless networks to protect children’s health.

That includes installing switches in classrooms to shut off Wi-Fi routers and wireless devices when they’re not in use; setting Wi-Fi systems so radiation levels are as low as possible without disrupting coverage; posting product safety warnings in classrooms for devices such as tablets and cellphones; educating staff and students about safe use of technology; and ensuring school districts offer schools that are Wi-Fi-free when enough parents request them.

The recommendations are in a resolution that will be debated at the Alberta School Councils’ Association annual general meeting April 24 to 26 in Edmonton. If delegates endorse the bill, the parents’ association will lobby school boards and government for the changes.

The association has already sent the information to school councils so parents can decide on a position before next month’s meeting, said association president Brad Vonkeman.

“We’re really looking forward for it to come to the floor so maybe some more information can come out ... for a better, more complete picture,” Vonkeman said.

There is growing public concern that exposure to extremely low-frequency magnetic fields could have harmful health effects, such as an increased incidence of cancer in children, according to the World Health Organization. There are also concerns some people are particularly sensitive to the radiation.

The World Health Organization is studying the science on the issue, because “even a small health consequence from (electromagnetic field) exposure could have a major public health impact,” its website says... Click on this link to read further