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Grounding Helps Thin Your Blood Dr Stephen Sinatra Explains

- Thursday, March 12, 2015

You might like to check out this other great read on Earthing (Grounding): One of the primary health benefits of Earthing or Grounding is its antioxidant effect. It helps alleviate inflammation throughout your body. This in itself is groundbreaking, since inflammation is at the root of most diseases, including heart disease. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a prominent cardiologist - according to him, inflammation thrives when your blood is thick and you have a lot of free radical stress, and a lot of positive charges in your body. Grounding effectively alleviates inflammation because it .. Read More ...

What Happens When You Absorb Free Electrons from the Earth?

- Thursday, March 12, 2015

Answered by natural health physician Dr. Joseph Mercola and the inventor of Earthing technology Clint Ober: "The scientific theory behind the health benefits seen from this simple practice is that since the Earth has a greater negative charge than your body, you end up absorbing electrons from it. This is, in my understanding, one of the most potent antioxidants we know of and may have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on your body. As written in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: 'It is well established, though not widely known, that the su .. Read More ...

Wearable Technology Comes with Advances: Risks

- Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You may find this article interesting: Wearable Technology Comes with Advances, Risks KTVU, (Mar 10, 2015) Santa Clara County, Calif - The Apple Watch is the latest in wearable technology. The first wearable technology began 440 years ago with the first pocket watch, and the Apple Watch is the latest device. Wearable tech is making rapid advances, but the progress but entails some risk. Wearable technology grows in importance with each and every new technology, whether it's wildly successful like the shirt or pants pocket iPhone, or a bit too early for its time,  .. Read More ...

USA: Tucson Parents Help Scuttle Deal on Cell Towers at School

- Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arizona Daily Star (Mar 8, 2015) By: Alexis Huicochea Even though school funding is getting harder to come by, parents from Collier Elementary School rebuffed thousands of dollars that could have been generated by a cellphone tower lease, citing health concerns. Such leases, already in place at nine Tucson Unified School District campuses, have brought in nearly $355,000 a year — the majority of which goes directly to the school sites. Santa Rita High School alone takes in more than $57,000 a year. There are very few areas of the east-side scho .. Read More ...

USA: Rollout of Smart Meters on Long Island Opposed for Health Reasons

- Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Opt-Out Long Island" Campaign Provides Science Background and Sample Letters Grassroots Environmental Education (Mar 5, 2015) Posted on Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Grassroots Environmental Education, a non-profit environmental health organization, has launched a new consumer awareness campaign designed to inform Long Island residents about the rollout of wireless utility meters, so-called "smart meters," and the potential impacts of this additional exposure to wireless radiation on human health. The new social media and online campaign is based around eme .. Read More ...