Free Earthing book for health practitioners

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Free Earthing book for health practitioners

If your doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath or any other certified health practitioner you are seeing are interested in learning more about Earthing let us know and we will send them a FREE copy of the book "Earthing: the greatest health discovery ever" (RRP $24.95)

Just send an email with the health practitioners details to or call us on 1300 832 326 or have them contact us directly.


  • 1 copy per health practitioner.
  • This offer only applies to health practitioners who are not already customers of Earthing Oz
  • The practitioner must be certified and registered
  • We will only post a free book to a registered health practice address
  • Eligible health practitioners may contact us directly to us for a FREE book
  • Australia and New Zealand only