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Within two weeks of sleeping grounded my heel spur pain completely disappeared and has never returned.

Dear Anand,

I had been suffering from a very painful heel spur for about 15 months. Having invested in a lot of "granny" shoes and orthotic inserts, I was rarely able to walk the dog and was in constant pain. I also had a spinal fusion and lamenectomy in 2004 and suffered back pain more on than off. I was given a copy of the earthing book to read and subsequently purchased an earthing sheet. I have slept groundead now for the past nine months. Within two weeks of sleeping grounded my heel spur pain completely disappeared and has never returned. I can walk 3-4 kilometres a day with the dog and attend a zumba class twice weekly. Most of the discomfort in my back has gone, and if I do have a bit of pain from overdoing the gardening or whatever, by the time I have had a wonderful nights sleep I am up and running and painfree.

I have to confess that my little dog sleeps on a sheet on top of the bed and always tried to sleep up the top near me. He constantly snuffled and snored and got up and turned around a dozen times a night. Very annoying as it woke me up constantly. Since I have had the earthing sheet across the bottom of the bed he has slept down there on it. He sleeps like a log all night long and all the snoring and snuffling has stopped. So we now both get a very peaceful and restful nights sleep and are fit, healthy and raring to go each morning.

Sue, QLD, Australia

I find that I get less tired as the day goes on. I generally sleep well and need less sleep.

I'm 67 years of age and have been using the Earthing Oz products for 6 weeks: the Bed Pad Sleep System at night, the Universal Mat when I watch TV in the evenings and the Mouse Pad when I'm on the computer for an average of one hour in the mornings.

I used to have a lot of pain from my sacro-iliac joint, my right hip joint and my neck. These pains seemed to be from muscles and/or tendons, although the neck joint involved very reduced cartilege between two of the vertebrae. All those pains have gone except when I strain the neck joint by taking on an extreme position.

I have a slightly prolapsed mitral valve in the heart which used to mean that I became puffed when walking uphill. After about 2 weeks I found that I no longer became puffed walking up the hill near our home. Yesterday I climbed a steep, bushy slope without stopping and without getting breathless.

I find that I get less tired as the day goes on. I generally sleep well and need less sleep.

I've noticed that grounding allows my body to address old injuries, even injuries that I thought were "history". For example, my jaw used to be crooked. My passport photo shows that clearly. A couple of weeks ago, while using the Universal Mat, the tempo-mandibular joint on my left side began to hurt. It lasted several minutes. Afterwards I noticed that I could rotate my jaw without it being clunky. I looked in the mirror and found that my jaw was no longer crooked.

All sorts of pains from long ago dental treatments have come and gone - extractions, injections and so on. I'm quite sure that this is a healing process as it happened with a toe that I had stubbed badly. The toe was no longer hurting but two of the joints were very tender when pressed lightly. Over about 10 days different pains in the area would turn up briefly while I was using the Universal Mat and would then disappear. Now there is no tenderness.

All of the above and more are amazing to me and very, very welcome.

J.G., Australia

I am pleased and relieved he is earthed at night whilst sleeping.

When our newly purchased Earthing sheet arrived for our own use I suggested to our son that he may find his jet lag and broken sleep (5 nights) would be addressed if he was Earthed.

Two years ago he was the recipient of kidney transplant surgery - a good night's sleep is especially important to his health. After reluctantly viewing the earthing videos he agreed to sleep on the earthing sheet. From that time until he departed New Zealand he slept soundly every night and willingly took our Earthing sheet home with him.

Once back home he noted that when the Earthing sheet was off the bed and being washed he did not sleep very well, when the sheet was back on the bed, he again fell asleep easily and slept soundly through the night.

I had explained to him on previous occasions about being earthed but he thought it was 'airy fairy' talk and dismissed it. However, he was willing to give it a try once he had viewed the information on the videos.

Soon after his transplant surgery I managed to talk him in to walking bare feet on the grass in a park. He thought the reason I suggested this was very strange and it wasn't until he saw the actual videos on the computer whilst home recently, that the 'penny dropped' about how we can be affected when we are not earthed.

As he lives on the 18th floor of a high-rise building I am pleased and relieved he is earthed at night whilst sleeping.

I have sent your videos to a number of people who have shown interest after my explanation to them of the need for us all to be grounded.

Christine, New Zealand

"What pain?" I wasn't limping at all, just walking normally.

A friend of mine started to use an Earthing strap, and I became interested - it seemed logical to me. So, I sent for the Earthing book, and read it.

Very persuaded, but cautious by nature, I dug out some metal mosquito-type wire mesh that I had in my rats-nest, took the business prongs out of a three-pin plug, got some automotive electrical single-core wire, and put the lot together. It tested OK electrically, so I put the mesh under my feet in front of my computer and plugged into the house earth circuit; I 'do' a daily news report (alternative type - non-MSM) so each morning I have at least an hour with bare feet on the mesh.

Yes, I did first check the efficiency of the house earth circuit!

I had been having a degree of foot / ankle pain, and was hoping that Earthing would be of help. Could be arthritis or similar? I avoid doctors as much as possible, so it has not been officially labelled.

Anyway - part of the more noticeable symptoms was that after sitting for a while, when I stood up to walk the pain was extremely magnified. Seemed particularly bad if I had literally 'had my feet up', but occurred in a normal sitting position as well.

Within three days of using my rough-and-ready earthing mat, I noticed that the pain was less, upon standing up after a computer session; but it returned shortly after.

Then after about 10 days, I had been reading in the lounge and enjoying some music one evening (with my feet up) when I got up to go to the kitchen - and half way there I realised ..... "What pain?" I wasn't limping at all, just walking normally.

YES!!!!! Thankyou, Earthing!!! Conviction was final. The jury was IN!!!

I then ordered and very promptly received a half-sheet Bed Pad, which I am now using. (Old faithful is still under my computer though!) Idea - why not a half-sheet for single beds? About 1 x 1.5m of 'business' surface? Down in the deep south here, winter is not a time for sleeping naked .... at least above the waist!

The improvement remains, and I am hoping for further improvement with 'age-related' twinges....

Bernie, Tasmania, Australia