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"...I didn't know it would be THIS GOOD! SERIOUSLY!"

I just got my earthing mat and I am SO HAPPY WITH IT! This is my first one, but I had done the research before hand so I knew it would be good. The thing is I didn't know it would be THIS GOOD! SERIOUSLY! I had put off buying a mat for a while because I figured standing on the Earth would suffice. Sure standing on the Earth is GREAT, but I needed an earthing mat for indoors. By using this earthing mat at my PC I have transformed a detrimental task of using a PC, being exposed to EMF, etc. To a beneficial task! I feel connected to the Earth which is connected to all of humanity, every animal, plant and the universe itself! I feel amazing. Thanks Earth Oz, and thanks EARTH.

Travis C, Australia

"... just bought a new earthing recovery bag... I felt strong & energetic..."

Was participating in a 3 day bicycle ride. The first day I really struggled - lack of energy and very weak in the legs. Having just bought a new earthing recovery bag thought I would try it. Rested on it for a while that afternoon then slept in it that night. I was a little concerned about the next day's ride as it was longer with many more hills. I felt strong & energetic, rode up every hill and finished feeling great. Was it being earthed or some other miraculous reason?

Margaret Bath, Bargara QLD

Me knowing about Earthing eased some of guilt for letting this happen in the first place.

Our 7mo old pushed herself backward off her high chair and crashed down on the marble floor, fracturing her skull. She is a fairly resilient little thing and cried terribly for 40minutes. At the time we had no idea that she had fractured her skull. We instantly took her down to the beach/rocks and lay her down on the earth. She stopped crying immediately, I kid you not, and seemed completely fine, albeit a little overwhelmed but she was playing,laughing and smiling as normal. She also slept grounded at night. In summary, the fracture was right across the left side of her skull. We were told come back 6 weeks to see how progressing. The hospital were nothing short of astounded when we came back after a record 3 weeks COMPLETELY healed! No trace of that fracture. Me knowing about Earthing eased some of guilt for letting this happen in the first place. Thank you Clint !

E.A., Sydney

I thank Earthing Oz for supplying me with the starter packs!

What I can say is this; from this day forward I intend to use earthing products religiously as part of my lifestyle as practically as is feasible. This was my experience; I had a chronic long term infection characterised by extreme chronic fatigue. One of my Gurus David Wolfe suggested this remedy in these words; "I don't care what you have or how long you've had it, if you hide, don't eat, sleep and remain grounded between Heaven and Earth, you will be healed" I did just that but wasn't able to remain grounded electrically for the duration of the three week water fast I embarked on in the forest here in Victoria. What this has meant for me is a slow recovery and I presume that if I had indeed been able to remain grounded electrically (via the technologies now available) or directly, a lot of the time, at least for sleep, then I would have had an increase in the time it has taken my body to recover from the shock of fasting for three weeks! I thank Earthing Oz for supplying me with the starter packs!

Andrew, Melbourne, Australia

I started sleeping on the earthing sheet at the beginning of 2012

After sleeping on earthing sheet for 2 weeks, my painful joints in my knees and hands reduced to an unoticeable level - to the extent that I would say was cured. I got my painful joints in 2005 at the age of 46 when undertaking training in Sydney. I was sent from Melbourne to attend training for 2 days in November 2005 and the weather in Sydney was very hot. I was under stress. Getting off the train at Minton I attempted to climb over the pedestrian bridge but could not. My joints had ceased and I was in immense pain for the next few weeks having to take time off work. All test were done - ross river virus, liver testing - the joints remained painful - especially my knees - until about I started sleeping on the earthing sheet. I did not want to decieve myself or anyone else but the pain had gone and remains I started sleeping on the earthing sheet at the beginning of 2012....so I have had joint pain for over 6 years.Thank you.

John, Melbourne, Australia